10 May 2011

The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell

I bought it for RM19.90 instead of RM89.90 at BookXcess, Amcorp Mall, PJ.

Basically it's about the life of Carrie Bradshaw pre Sex and The City. It's a teenage life. How she deals with her family, friends, boyfriends and enemies. It's high school. It's practically ala Glee where there's a popular group and the unpopular one.

Carrie kept her life in the middle, not so low, not so high until she met her childhood friend, who had transferred into a cute guy and apparently became the school heartthrob.  He had been her boyfriend then. Usual things, Carrie got stuck up with so many friends' drama and anything, plus a discipline and full of explanation father, a troublesome sister, but lucky she's got one sister who always been the understanding one.

It's an okay book. But as I am so into the series of course I like this book. :)

I like the ending most, however.

for more : here.