04 November 2014

IWroteThisForYou by pleasefindthis

There will be time when reading in sequence page by page just won't make any sense anymore.

This brilliant book is truly one of a kind as you can just pick it up, read a passage from any page you want and the next day flip another random page and it will make sense somehow. Personally, this book has helped me describe all those confusing, unidentified feelings I had in me very accurately. If The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho can help push you to follow your dream, this is the book will definitely help you survive yet another dark phase of your life.

It is simple yet poignant and the raw feelings described within just a few sentences can really make you feel like you're not alone - the author knows what kind of turmoil you're going through. If you're not into books then maybe you can check out the official blog of IWroteThisForYou.

To Iain Thomas, thank you for everything!

15 April 2014


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01 December 2013

Wedding diaries

This is a nice book, funny and might be an adoption from a real life story, just maybe. 

I found myself giggling to a lot of the sentences. It was funny, and the lead character is cute, even the names are cute, there were Kiki, Suse, Thom (of Thomas, of course) and Jim (I imagined Jim as a super nice and understanding guy friend), Greta, Eve, Rich, Zoe, Zac, Jacki, and Pedro? 

It is a story of Kiki, an Editing Assistant at Polka Dot Publications something who is gonna have her wedding somewhere in August, a summer wedding nonetheless. I am not sure how to relate because i) obviously the culture is different, and ii) I have no experience in planning my own wedding (yet). But I think this book tells more than how crazy a girl could be when planning a wedding but it emphasizes more on family value, friendships, works related matters. 

And even the most expensive wedding didn't mean it would last forever. Kiki found everything (she thinks) is good for her wedding, she found a nice venue, a long lists of invitee, a perfect dress, until, things some sort of fell, with her fiancĂ© being fired, etc. 

Anyway with the helps of her family and close friends, she and Thom, (of course) had a magical wedding reception in the end. It's a happy ending, just the way I like it.  

10 July 2012

Marriage bureau for rich people

The title is something, isn't it?

This book tells a story of how a marriage works in India. As we know there are so many casts in their society. What should marry what, when is the right time, a doctor to a doctor, rich to rich and there's also rich to poor people marriage.

Mr. Ali, the main character is a pensioner. He's bored and later he comes out with the idea to open a marriage bureau, more or less, it's a marriage agency.

People send in their application, and Mr. Ali will compile, arrange them according to the casts, religion, job, etc.

It was an interesting read. I have always love Indian culture I think. I love Hindi movie to start with. Mr. Farahad Zama also wrote in such a simple way.

Mr. Ali succeeds in arranging few marriages, and he gained a lot of attention and respect. There's always a woman behind a successful man... Mrs. Ali was illustrated as a content woman, patient, intelligent and kind. I love her.

There's also a bit about their stubborn son, their hardworking assistant.

It's a fun read.


22 November 2011

Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter

Got this book from the big sale, the big bad wolf. 

I've never read the Pride and Prejudice but I love the movie with Keira Knightley and Colin Firth. So there, at least I could imagine how was Mr Darcy, his character and everything. 

It's a story about a book-aholic, Emily Albright who rather spend her time reading than go out having fun. (Okay, reading is having fun, to her).

When she read about a book tour about her favorite author, Ms Jane Austen, she couldn't help but sign herself for that tour even she had to travel so far, she's in US and the tour happen in UK. 

She met some few fellow fans of Jane Austen, most of them were boring except for this one male UK reporter. The trip took about 2 weeks and lots of things happened within that.

Emily was kind of in her own world, for there are some times she found herself talking to Mr. Darcy. It's quite scary and of course delusional. They talked a lot and got to know each other.  Maybe she was so obsessed about Mr. Darcy so she was hoping that Mr. Darcy would like to get to know her too.  However, the more she knew and learned about Mr. Darcy, she thought that he's not that perfect. 

Meanwhile, Emily thought that this reporter, Spike was not her type and she's not his. They fought a lot but there are few circumstances when Emily could look into Spike's good side. 

The ending, is expected. 

However, reading this book, I knew that a lot of things could happen in two weeks time.  Feeling could be developed, perceptions might changed, and everything. 

I have given this book to a colleague. 

When she saw me reading this book she asked a lot about it, and in the end, she wished me "hope you'll find your Mr. Darcy" but I told her that I didn't really like Mr. Darcy... heee... whatever... 

18 October 2011

The Smart One and The Pretty One by Claire La Zebnik

This is a story about two sisters. Yeah, the smart one (Ava) and the pretty one (Lauren). 

But anyway, I think both of them are pretty. HEHE. It's just that Ava is the one who think that dressing up is such a waste of time and it makes people focus more on your exterior rather than your inside. 

It starts when their mother was diagnosed with cancer and Lauren who's been working in New York had to come home in LA as she was fired because apparently she couldn't manage herself well in budget/financial management. And she (Lauren) has this weakness towards good clothes and shoes (who doesn't, by the way). 

When Ava found out that Lauren is in serious debt, Ava even arranged a session with financial consultant and she made Lauren signed a contract saying that she'll be paying her debt. 

So when Lauren found an old paper in their parent's home, a simple, foolish contract between the parents and their friends (the parent's friends) saying that Ava was engaged to their son, Lauren had planned to make Ava comply to something "contract-ty" too... 

So, then the story began... apparently Ava's "fiance", Russell is someone who's involve in fashion thing, and he, like Lauren is so determine to make Ava over. But Ava thought that since Russell and Lauren are so into each other, they like the same thing (fashion), share the same thought towards fashion, Ava had put herself aside. Meanwhile, Russell thought that Ava despises him.

Anyway, it's happy ending... 

You could read the review/synopsis here.... Claire La Zebnik

22 July 2011

Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell

  • It's the sequel after Carrie Diaries.
  • It's interesting. And reading it made me felt the same excitement as watching the drama series. :)
  • It's about how Carrie got to know her 3 companionship~ Samantha, Miranda and lastly, Charlotte...
  • Apparently, it's Carrie who first got to know all three of them, and with her skill, she'd turned them all three of them (four later) into a click...
  • It told the story, a summer before Carrie was supposedly go to Brown, but she begged her father to let her take up a short summer writing course;
  • Carrie, with the assistance from Samantha finally (so easy) got to adapt to the new environment (surroundings);
  • How she met Capote Duncan- I believe that his name was somewhere in the series..
  • All of the old stories on how was Samantha (which nothing hardly differ) and how Miranda was so feminist, and how polite and naive Charlotte was...
  • It's good (I did say it, right) for those who loves the movies/drama series....
  • Oh, I wish there would be more sequel of it! :)