28 March 2010

lady chatterley's lover by D.H. Lawrence

sorry friends, i just couldn't get the exact cover of the book i read, but any cover will do kaan? :)
frankly, i was intrigued into reading this book was because i read lady chatterley's trial first, before reading this book. do u know that this book was ban in the UK, but was published bit by bit and with much censorship? due to its so-called vivid writing of sexual scenes between an aristocrat's wife and a servant? the trial lasted like around 40 years kot before eventually Penguin won the case to publish the book in full.
anyways, u can read that on the link. and my take on the trial was, it happened due to the culture then, the mentality then, the religious upbringing then, in the UK, of the conservative Christians.
after finishing the trial, i actually hunted for the book in Waterstone's. I bought it out of curiosity, apart from my thirst for classics of late. and believe me, you will be disappointed like me if u read about the trial first and not the book. with all the drama over the the publication of the book, i cant believe that the only vivid sexual encounter that i read was only twice throughout the book, and frankly the description of the encounter was so much with rasa terhormat, you didnt even thought that it was a sexual scene, and the man had ejaculated. lol.
but it's unfair for me for not giving the credit to D.H Lawrence for being daring, for being ahead of his generation in writing such scandalous book that gets published world wide and not the in UK. frankly if u feel like reading a totally dramatic forbidden romance, this is the book. and no, it wont give you that gooey feeling like u did when u read judith krantz, or any judith for that matter. hahaha.
my recommendation : read it if only you are interested in knowing what's the commotion behind the publication of a book after the writer's death. totally to fill your curiosity ;)


iNsOmNiAc said...

chup, isn't this the book yg that boy read to kate winslet dlm 'the reader'? the one that got her so upset?

iNsOmNiAc said...

owh btw - am so reading this next ;) hehehe~

thinker bell said...

ida, really? i will check the reader japgi. ada tak about this book. lol.

for avid classic readers, u must read this. it is indeed one of the benchmarks. often referred to. ;)