10 February 2010

The Great Gatsby

I dunno why but I kinda like reading classics off late. Although it made me constantly checking the dictionary ;) but I think the way they word the story, ah, it’s very poetic.

I have to classify this story as love gone wrong ;p Although some might feel that this story depicts the moral decay of rich ppl but I still feel that love game is the main elements of this story.

The story was narrated by this character name Nick Carraway who has a second cousin named Daisy – who’s married to a rich dilettante named Tom (who he also knew from uni time at New Haven).

Tom and Daisy has been married for a few years & even had a daughter together but apparently Daisy kinda found out that Tom has a mistress. Nick, despite being merely acquainted to the couple, soon get involved in the whole fiasco. Tom invited him to hang out with his mistress (a not-so-attractive woman in New York & is still married to someone else) subsequently - which is very awkward considering Daisy is related to him.

From Daisy, Nick was introduced to a female professional golfer named Jordan – whom he later has a relationship with. Jordan informed him that he’s actually living next to a famous rich man called Jay Gatsby, who threw fancy schmancy parties but never showed his face to the crowd.

Gatsby sorta stirred the up-scale society by being so mysterious yet at the same time he knew how to entertain his well-to-do guests thru his lavish parties. So, one day, Nick finally got an invitation & he went with Jordan with the hope that either one of them can find & meet Gatsby personally.

While at the party, Jordan & Nick split up just to locate their mysterious host and eventually a guy, abt Nick’s age, started to talk to him & claimed that they might know each other from the army. As they started talking & Nick discovered that the man is Gatsby. They started to be close fren and from Jordan, Nick learnt that Gatsby & Daisy have a history together before Daisy married Tom.

So, somehow someway, Gatsby asked Nick to reunite her with Daisy & for some reason Nick agreed to do so. One thing led to another, they soon rekindled their romance (yup, with Daisy still married to Tom & Tom still having affair with someone else’s wife *cringe*).
So, la di da… One night Tom, Daisy & Gatsby had a huge confrontation after Tom realized Gatsby’s love for Daisy and it ended with tragedy. I won’t tell you what happen coz it’s quite dramatic how everything ended with Gatsby & Tom’s mistress dead. Phew!

It’s definitely a great read, full of momentum, I'd say – especially for someone who just broke her laptop & has no other means for any sorts of entertainment for the time being ;p sobs!

My fave quote from the book, "Everyone suspects himself of at least one of the cardinal virtues, and this is mine : I am one of the honest ppl I have ever known." – Nick Carraway.

02 February 2010

Man and Boy by Tony Parsons

This is my third of Tony Parsons. He wins my heart. HEHE. His words are easy. No big literature but full of beautiful words, taking from the best songs, especially from Sinatra.

I see that he (Parsons) really adores Frank Sinatra and by his second book, I too, fell in love with Frank Sinatra. Okay, enough about me and Parsons.

This book tells a life of a man who is left with his boy, his son. It was about Harry Silver, who has just reached thirty and found himself having this not so middle aged crisis. His wife on the other hand let him get what he wants as he is turning thirty, because obviously it was the love between them was so strong and she trusted him so much.

It was until Harry found himself into his assistant, ending up having one night stand with him and messing up by leaving a voice message to Harry's phone which at that time was with his wife.

When his wife found out about this, she felt the betrayal was too much for she had sacrificed her career and everything in order to marry Harry before, so she decided to leave Harry to pursue her first dream, her career, in Japan.

Harry was left devastated to know that he was fired from his job. He was left with his son and no job.

Harry faced things as they come, with help from his parents. He had done his best with his son, and in time found himself new love, while his wife too found her new love.

This book has everything, it will make you laugh, cry and angry.
When you love someone enough, you will know when to let go

Excuse my poor review. I just couldn't help seeing this page is not updated. HEHE.

p.s : Where are you guys? :)