17 February 2011

Tuesday With Morrie

I believe you guys have heard or read about this book. Well, I just finished reading it, in Malay version. I read the original version while I was waiting for my friend at Border, The Curve some time ago. Hah.

This book was actually a thesis, done by Mitch and his beloved Prof. Morrie.  His lecturer while he was doing his degree. It was a book/thesis discussing about life and what are important things about it. 

Mitch called him Coach, that was something to distinguish him from Morrie's other students, and while he was studying at the University (Brandies) he had always find time to spend with Morrie, to talk and discuss about everything. It was his way of escapism from the life which he thought boring. He thought when he's with Morrie, he was himself. 

It was 16 years after the convocation that he found out from a tv show that Morrie was sick. He started to keep in touch with Morrie and then the idea of doing the thesis came. They started to reminisce their old days, and started to discuss like they used to do.  

Mitch, while sharing Morrie's thoughts on life, couldn't help but thinking about  how he had spent his life. 

Mitch came out with 13 ideas of topics to be discussed with Morrie and they met on Tuesdays to discuss everything on each topics.

This book was divided into few chapters each with a short and simple story, with pieces of Morrie's story from his life in between.
The way Morrie saw life was unique. He was positive and he brought love with him and shared with everyone around him. You'll feel the love when you read this, I bet. :)

I cried. Hehe. It was moving. Love it.

p.s : good for pressie. here. here. here.