18 October 2011

The Smart One and The Pretty One by Claire La Zebnik

This is a story about two sisters. Yeah, the smart one (Ava) and the pretty one (Lauren). 

But anyway, I think both of them are pretty. HEHE. It's just that Ava is the one who think that dressing up is such a waste of time and it makes people focus more on your exterior rather than your inside. 

It starts when their mother was diagnosed with cancer and Lauren who's been working in New York had to come home in LA as she was fired because apparently she couldn't manage herself well in budget/financial management. And she (Lauren) has this weakness towards good clothes and shoes (who doesn't, by the way). 

When Ava found out that Lauren is in serious debt, Ava even arranged a session with financial consultant and she made Lauren signed a contract saying that she'll be paying her debt. 

So when Lauren found an old paper in their parent's home, a simple, foolish contract between the parents and their friends (the parent's friends) saying that Ava was engaged to their son, Lauren had planned to make Ava comply to something "contract-ty" too... 

So, then the story began... apparently Ava's "fiance", Russell is someone who's involve in fashion thing, and he, like Lauren is so determine to make Ava over. But Ava thought that since Russell and Lauren are so into each other, they like the same thing (fashion), share the same thought towards fashion, Ava had put herself aside. Meanwhile, Russell thought that Ava despises him.

Anyway, it's happy ending... 

You could read the review/synopsis here.... Claire La Zebnik