10 July 2012

Marriage bureau for rich people

The title is something, isn't it?

This book tells a story of how a marriage works in India. As we know there are so many casts in their society. What should marry what, when is the right time, a doctor to a doctor, rich to rich and there's also rich to poor people marriage.

Mr. Ali, the main character is a pensioner. He's bored and later he comes out with the idea to open a marriage bureau, more or less, it's a marriage agency.

People send in their application, and Mr. Ali will compile, arrange them according to the casts, religion, job, etc.

It was an interesting read. I have always love Indian culture I think. I love Hindi movie to start with. Mr. Farahad Zama also wrote in such a simple way.

Mr. Ali succeeds in arranging few marriages, and he gained a lot of attention and respect. There's always a woman behind a successful man... Mrs. Ali was illustrated as a content woman, patient, intelligent and kind. I love her.

There's also a bit about their stubborn son, their hardworking assistant.

It's a fun read.