22 November 2011

Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter

Got this book from the big sale, the big bad wolf. 

I've never read the Pride and Prejudice but I love the movie with Keira Knightley and Colin Firth. So there, at least I could imagine how was Mr Darcy, his character and everything. 

It's a story about a book-aholic, Emily Albright who rather spend her time reading than go out having fun. (Okay, reading is having fun, to her).

When she read about a book tour about her favorite author, Ms Jane Austen, she couldn't help but sign herself for that tour even she had to travel so far, she's in US and the tour happen in UK. 

She met some few fellow fans of Jane Austen, most of them were boring except for this one male UK reporter. The trip took about 2 weeks and lots of things happened within that.

Emily was kind of in her own world, for there are some times she found herself talking to Mr. Darcy. It's quite scary and of course delusional. They talked a lot and got to know each other.  Maybe she was so obsessed about Mr. Darcy so she was hoping that Mr. Darcy would like to get to know her too.  However, the more she knew and learned about Mr. Darcy, she thought that he's not that perfect. 

Meanwhile, Emily thought that this reporter, Spike was not her type and she's not his. They fought a lot but there are few circumstances when Emily could look into Spike's good side. 

The ending, is expected. 

However, reading this book, I knew that a lot of things could happen in two weeks time.  Feeling could be developed, perceptions might changed, and everything. 

I have given this book to a colleague. 

When she saw me reading this book she asked a lot about it, and in the end, she wished me "hope you'll find your Mr. Darcy" but I told her that I didn't really like Mr. Darcy... heee... whatever... 


reen said...

Hi there,

Simple yet informative blog u hav. Wish u cud add in ur own rating for each book u review if u may.


Dils said...

I actually hated this book and I am a massive Jane Austen fans.

It was not very interesting and creepy and foolish and Mr Darcy sounded like besotted person who hates women. While this supposedly happened before Mr Darcy met Elizabeth, I don't think he have such low opinion of women who thinks for themselves.