01 December 2013

Wedding diaries

This is a nice book, funny and might be an adoption from a real life story, just maybe. 

I found myself giggling to a lot of the sentences. It was funny, and the lead character is cute, even the names are cute, there were Kiki, Suse, Thom (of Thomas, of course) and Jim (I imagined Jim as a super nice and understanding guy friend), Greta, Eve, Rich, Zoe, Zac, Jacki, and Pedro? 

It is a story of Kiki, an Editing Assistant at Polka Dot Publications something who is gonna have her wedding somewhere in August, a summer wedding nonetheless. I am not sure how to relate because i) obviously the culture is different, and ii) I have no experience in planning my own wedding (yet). But I think this book tells more than how crazy a girl could be when planning a wedding but it emphasizes more on family value, friendships, works related matters. 

And even the most expensive wedding didn't mean it would last forever. Kiki found everything (she thinks) is good for her wedding, she found a nice venue, a long lists of invitee, a perfect dress, until, things some sort of fell, with her fianc√© being fired, etc. 

Anyway with the helps of her family and close friends, she and Thom, (of course) had a magical wedding reception in the end. It's a happy ending, just the way I like it.  

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